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Our Purpose

To provide a framework for communication and sense of identity to rally individuals, groups, and other organizations to take pride in their particular corner of our city.  

In turn, we will create stronger, more identifiable areas throughout Hamilton that will make us better as a whole because neighborhoods are the strategic building blocks of overall community development. 

How did this effort come to be?

17 Strong was a product of the Sense of Place Committee which was composed of resident volunteers, members of City Council, and City Administration coming out of the City’s strategic plan in 2012.   

Today’s 17 Strong Advisory Board is a citizen-led effort that provides structure and direction to the efforts behind a celebration of Hamilton’s unique neighborhoods. 

If you have any questions or looking to get involved, please come to our public meetings.  It is held on the 1st Monday of every month at 6pm.  The meeting place changes every month as we move to different places in each of our neighborhoods to learn more about our neighbors and the citizens of Hamilton.  You can also reach us at 17strong@hamilton-oh.gov.