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Micro-Grant Information

The purpose of the 17Strong Neighborhoods Micro-Grant Program is to serve the residents of Hamilton by providing materials or reimbursable financial support for neighborhood activities.
Who can apply for a 17Strong Micro-Grant?
Any private Hamilton citizen, group of Hamilton citizens, or an established neighborhood citizen led organization, 


What types of activities can a Micro-Grant be used for?


Micro-Grants can be used for activities that promote citizen engagement, enhance the beautification of the neighborhood, improve safety within the community, create economic development, and/or address other neighborhood needs and aspirations..

I can't think of anything that would benefit my neighborhood specifically. Can it involve multiple neighborhoods?

Absolutely! In fact, it is highly encouraged.

I live on a corner lot and my yard is a disaster. Can I apply for a Micro-Grant to beautify my yard? I think my neighbors will agree this would be beneficial to the entire neighborhood.


Unfortunately, no.  While we understand sprucing up individual yards/homes can have an impact on the overall appearance of the neighborhood, the Micro-Grants can not be used for individual property, charitable donations, alcohol, faith based activities, operational costs, items that will be donated/raffled/auctioned off, or political campaigning.